Monday, June 27, 2011

One Strike and You're Out

I just spent eight fabulous days in New York City.  That's right, eight days in the most incredible city on the planet (I'll give Paris a close second).  I got home two days ago but didn't awaken from my food coma until tonight.  For me, it's the food that puts New York City over the top.  World class cuisine delivered to your door in less than thirty minutes; now you're speaking my love language.

Why is the food so amazing in New York?  Let's see, 35% of new businesses fail within the first 90 days, over 2/3 give up within the first year.  In the city you don't get a second chance; you've got to wow people in their first visit or they will not come back.

Rewind to my first few days in the city.  I was in Brooklyn working with Metro Ministries and on Saturday we did Sunday School.  In one day they put on three full services, bussing kids in and out of the facility.  In less than seven hours we had ministered to over 4500 kids.  They staff at Metro doesn't hold anything back, there's no guarantee that they'll see all this kids again next week.

What does Metro Ministries and the city's great restaurants have in common?  Both understand the impact of the first impression.  They also "get" that this moment may be all you have with any given customer.  Very important lessons that can be applied to almost any industry.  Many of us "show up" to work. We do our "job" but not much more.  We forget how many people would love to be sitting in our seat.  We forget that we may never see many of today's customers again, ever.

I'm committing to giving my all each and every day.  To making every customer interaction memorable and adding a sense of urgency to what I do.  After all, I may never see you again.

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