Monday, March 21, 2016

How Do You Spell Love?

How do you spell love?  T-I-M-E  

That’s the lesson my wife has been trying to teach me for decades.  Her love language is quality time, mine is not.  She might as well be speaking a foreign language, “Whaaat, you want to hang out, and, just do nothing??”  Rabbit meet turtle.

Now, I may be a guy but I’m not a complete idiot.  If quality time is important to my wife then I need to learn how to make that a priority.  It doesn’t just happen, I have to do it on purpose.

The same can be applied to our weekly habits especially exercise, prayer and reading your bible.  The question I hear most is, “how do you find time to _________?”  Well, you don’t.  If these things are important you have to make time.

I do it by setting an appointment on my calendar.  I actually schedule sessions for myself to exercise, pray and read.  I treat these the same as any other calendar event like going to the dentist or a work meeting.  I’m aware of it, I prepare for it and I get alerts to remind me of it.  As a result, it gets done.

Move forward with purpose.

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