Monday, March 28, 2016

The Definition of Success

     Currently, I am sealed in a pressurized aluminum tube 40,998 feet in the air hurling forward at a rate of 574     miles per hour. In other words, I'm on my to Dallas for a conference.

As I was thinking about you this morning I was challenged by the thought of "how do I help you succeed? The answer is not as obvious as one might suspect as we all may have differing views of what success may look like.

I was reminded of something one of my professors taught me while attending Pepperdine.  He said, "success is the progressive realization of worthwhile goals".

Let's unpack this for a moment. "Progressive" implies it's a journey and not just a destination. That success is multiple not singular. A series of victories rather than just one.

"Realization" you're experiencing success in multiple forms. One after another achieving milestones. You climb one peak to see others stretched out before you.

"Worthwhile goals" this is key. We can have many goals but how many truly benefit those around us? Do we set selfish goals or selfless? Achieving for personal status or to glorify God?

I'm not sure if your definition matches mine. Probably not, as there are many good ones. I just wanted to share what is motivating me. Enjoy the journey!

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