Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiding Behind the Veil

There's a growing trend in business to align yourself with a group.  When this group has been granted power it often speaks as "one voice".  "The 'Party Committee' has decided there will be one birthday celebration per month honoring all those born in that month".  "The 'Leadership Team' has concluded that your project does not warrant funding".
However, communication is a two-way street and I wonder if anyone considered how these messages are being received.  "Who's really responsible for this decision?"  "Who do I talk to about this?"  "Why does it feel as if someone's hiding?"  "If this succeeds we all know who will take the credit but if it fails who takes the blame?"
Group speak can get ugly and messy.  When used properly it can convey buy-in while still communicating accountability.  When used poorly, the rest of us have to pull the bodies out from under the bus.

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