Sunday, July 24, 2011

Those Pirates are Scurvey Killers!

You pour your heart and soul into your radio station.  You obsess over every detail; the clock, categorizing every song, the tempo of the station, the jocks, imaging, sweepers, news, traffic, weather, promotions...and then, you turn your station over to a client who knows nothing about radio for the next :60 seconds!  Unless you and your Sales Staff have obsessed over this spot as much as you have the rest of your station, you're sunk!

"I want to voice the spot myself", "I'd like my kids in the commercial", "I want this music bed", "Here, I wrote the copy myself".  What, are you kidding?!  And yet, we let these Bozo's put this junk on our station because they're paying us.  "We need to hit this month's goal".  "My Sales Guy lives on commission and he's got a kid in college".  The Pirates have taken over the ship and we're all sinking!

The average listener makes up their mind to change stations in about two seconds.  Two Seconds and we're giving them sixty!  No matter how much your listener loves you, they're leaving as soon as the local heating guy comes on with his parrot and they might not come back.

It's time to grow a backbone and put a stop to this.  Listeners don't hate commercials they hate bad commercials.  Note how many people tune into the Super Bowl just for the commercials.  If you're not delivering a Super Bowl quality spot don't air it!  That rate today will not keep you in business tomorrow.  Demand more and you're listeners will love you even more for it.

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