Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Luke, I Am Your Customer"

I know, lame Star Wars reference.  The point is, do you know who your customer is?  We have become specialists at "targeting" and speaking to the "right" people.  This concept goes waaay back.  Remember when people would place ads in newspaper?  You could reach men in the Sports Section, women in the Entertainment features and kids in the Comics.  Later, radio used the same methodology, "we reach more women 35-44 than any station in town", "we're number 1 with adults 3-5am on Sunday mornings!"

This brings up the question, "do we all have to look alike to think alike?"  As I look at the people I hang out with, I see men and women.  There are folks several years older than me and even some of my best friends are decades younger than me.  But, in spite of these differences we share many of the same passions.  The same is true for the people I attend church with.  They are old and young, male and female, Dutch, African, Italian and just about every other nationality you can think of and yet we hold true many of the same core values and beliefs.

Check out my family, my wife and I are complete 180 degree opposites but we enjoy many of the same things.  My daughters; completely different but passionate like me.  The point, use targeting and you lose many of the same people who are "like" me.  Create a great product, communicate it in a relevant and compelling fashion and then, let the whole world know.  The "right" people will be knocking down your door.

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