Monday, May 23, 2011

More Than Ever, A Little Goes a Long Way

I heard a salesguy today mention that his time is best spent, "on the streets".  Really?  It takes a lot of effort to acquire any new customer.  There's the calls to get an appointment, the appointments to make your pitch,  wooing with spec spots, rate comparisons, demographics, schedule, copy and finally, a buy.  And you want to do this all over again?  That's a lot of effort!  It takes way more exertion to put an object in motion than to keep it in motion.

What if I took half the time I'd spend "on the streets" and used it this way instead; first, sit down with my  clients to discuss expectations and make sure they're realistic.  Next, insure that they have the proper schedule and rotation of spots and finally, spend some quality time to write copy that is both relevant and compelling.  Maintaining delighted customers is waaaay better than replacing disgruntled ones.

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