Monday, April 18, 2016

What's Your Expiration Date?

A couple of weeks ago I was in Dallas Texas for an industry event.  We were there to learn about millennials and radio station revenue.  In between sessions we were entertained by artists that the record labels were kind enough to bring out.  One of those artists was Tim Timmons.

I first met Tim about three years ago when his first single, “Cast my Cares” was being promoted to radio.  In addition to being a gifted song-writer he’s also quirky, humorous and a wanna-be-gourmet-chef.  One of the things that most impresses me about Tim is his outlook on life.  Whenever you ask how he’s doing he’ll typically respond with, “I woke up today”.

You see, to Tim waking up today is no small feat.  In June of 2001 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just 5 years to live.  Today, he still has 4 tumors on his liver that doctors say will eventually cause his heart to give out.  Tim’s response was to live as if Jesus is real.

When the diagnosis was delivered he and his wife Hilary were dumbfounded.  But, they also decided to surrender all they have to Christ.  When Tim told Hilary he understood if she didn’t want to have children her response was to live as if he is healed.  Today, they have four children including one set of twins.

I love when Tim shares because I learn so much.  Instead of waking up and asking God to be with him he acknowledges that He’s already here and asks to be a part of whatever God is doing that day.  Tim knows the value of a day and doesn’t want to squander a single one.  When Tim sings children’s songs like, “I’ve got a river of life springing up in me…” he actually believes it!

I was challenged this week is to write someone a note of appreciation.  I’m going to write one to Tim.  I’m thankful that he’s decided not to let cancer be the story and instead has decided to make his relationship with Jesus the narrative.

I encourage you to do the same.  Think of someone who inspires you and write them that note.  It’ll bless you as much as it does them.

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